As a non-profit organization we operate only on donations. Every penny goes to help save the dogs. Your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue (RMYR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
PACFA licensed.

Surrender Information

Deciding to surrender your pet can be a very emotional experience for both you and your pet. We at the Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue would like to make that decision and the surrender process as easy as possible for you. Yes, surrendering your dog may be difficult but it may also be in the best interest of your dog.

We often see companion animals surrendered for several reasons:

  1. Behavior problems (soiling, barking, separation anxiety).
  2. Lack of time.
  3. Entering Military.
  4. New baby in the house.
  5. The owner is moving to a place that doesn't allow pets.
  6. The owner is ill or has died and family members cannot keep the dog.

If you as the owner or a family member are surrendering a Yorkie, we ask that he/she be surrendered with any Vet records as well as crates, toys, blankets, leashes and collars that they have used. Being surrounded by the dog's things can make them feel more comfortable during the adjustment period.

Also, we appreciate, if possible, to obtain as much information about the Yorkie, such as his habits, personality traits, and any "issues" we should know about. PLEASE be honest as it helps to PROPERLY place your Yorkie in a new home.

If you need to surrender a Yorkie, please fill out the Surrender Application.