As a non-profit organization we operate only on donations. Every penny goes to help save the dogs. Your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue (RMYR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
PACFA licensed.

Ally - Female, 12 yrs old, 7 lbs
Little Miss Ally is a very special little 7 pound Yorkie Purebred that we would love to find the perfect home before Christmas. She is searching for a very special forever home that can love her as much as we do. Two years ago Miss Ally was found abandoned in North Denver on the streets and was obviously a puppy mill dog as her body told the story. For 10 years this little girl lived a horrific life of being breed constantly and kept in a cage. Having gone through this for most of her life she came to us broken and scared. Miss Ally was adopted by a special family but a few weeks ago her family found they needed to relinquished her back to Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue due to person family issues. Her body has healed and she now understands how wonderful it is having the freedom of living in a home and being loved. She is praying to be with a family with possibly only one older pet and older children that will cuddle her and love her. Her only desire is to love a forever person and be loved. She needs the understanding of a senior dog as she is 12 now but will give many blessings of love and companionship to her very own special family.
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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue, located in Colorado, is to rescue Yorkie/Yorkie mixes. We are committed to educating the public, our adoptees and volunteers about the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. We pledge to provide a loving and caring environment and keep the pup safe until a forever home can be found within the Colorado area. Our focus is not finding the right pup for a home, but finding the right home for each and every pup.


Our Values

We value the lives of all pups that come into the Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue. We will seek out medical care to help our pups, and seek out alternative treatments if traditional treatments do not work - just as we would for our own family pups. All pups will be neutered or spayed and up to date with their shots prior to adoption.

We value our volunteers. We treat our un-paid volunteers as family and show them the same compassion and respect as we would like to receive ourselves. Without our dedicated volunteers to care for our rescued pups, there would be no Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue in Colorado. We are blessed to have them.

We value our donors. We consider our donors rescuers too. They help with the well being of our pups by providing for their medical care. If it weren't for our generous donors, we could not save the many Yorkies throughout Colorado that so desperately need our help. Thank you for all you do.

Saving one animal won't change the world,
but it will change the world for that one animal.
~ author unknown ~